illustration numero uno

this is an illustration for a story i'm working on.

so. . . i am uploading an image from a story that i’m working on.  the story is about a young girl who is dealing with worries that take the form of clouds and weigh her down.  this illustration is from later on in the story.  the focus on the camera isn’t so good, so i might wait until i get my hands on a different one to take some better pictures before i upload the others.


so… this is my first post.  the idea is that i will upload art that i am working on so i can feel like it exists out there in the world outside my living room and i am not just a crazy person who spends hours making drawings no one will ever see.  that being said i don’t really know how this site works yet, and if it takes a super long time to upload stuff i might just lose patience.  we’ll see, i guess.