about me

photorozI’m an artist, children’s book author, and arts educator living and working in Vancouver, BC.  I believe that like language, art can serve many purposes. It can be an opportunity for an individual to challenge themselves, to investigate their internal world, to connect with their own and others’ cultures, and to find and express their voice. It can also be a means of social engagement through activism, critique, celebration, and connection.

I also believe creative expression is essential for well-being.  As such, the lessons we are taught about our art having to be perfect, or that it must serve a commercial purpose in order to be valid, do a disservice to the development of our creativity.

I use my own practice to investigate ideas of human nature and relationships, community, interconnection and the natural world.  I paint and draw in many styles and materials, and sometimes like to collaborate with others.  I like the idea of art being accessible, inclusive, and a space for freedom.

Are you interested in an author visit or art workshop?

I can be reached at rozmaclean@gmail.com


Review for The National Post 

Interview in Romper online magazine

video interview for Papergirl Vancouver


One thought on “about me

  1. Hi Roz! We met by a happy chance at Gallery Gachet.
    WOW!!! I love your illustrations. You’re so talented. Maybe you found your thing in Drawing. Keep going, and keep following what is on your heart to do, and don’t every give up! Because your work is unlike anything anyone else has ever done. and Believe you’re the best, because You are! I hope you keep at it, and it be nice to see what comes later on, Cuz you can only get better. 🙂

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