wear your heart on your t shirt

I have been helping out J’s band, Man Your Horse, a little with artwork before they head out for their West coast tour.  My latest endeavor has been to turn a drawing I used for one of their posters into a t shirt design.  We just went and picked up a batch today, and I would say the results were highly successful!

use your words

Language is important.  The way we speak to ourselves, what we say, our tone. . . it all adds up.  I try to be encouraging to my inner creative person, but it’s easy to get bogged down by ideas of  being ridiculous, not talented enough, unoriginal, etc. etc.  So I decided I needed some visual reminders to keep me going, which so far have been helpful.  Making art around these two ideas makes them seem more important, and reminds me to play and experiment.

Happy Wedding! Here’s a cookbook

My wonderful friends just got married, so of course they had to receive a wonderful gift.  Knowing that their wedding was going to be unique and DIY (while somehow still being super stunning) I thought they might appreciate an equally DIY gift – perhaps a cookbook?  Being vegans, there were some helpful parameters to work within.  Hope you enjoy the artwork!

new poster and art as gifts

I have just finished the poster for J’s tour kick off, which features a colour monster and some watery word balloons.  Under a serious time crunch I probably borrowed a little more inspiration than I would have liked from other show posters that I’ve seen- it feels vaguely familiar- but it was fun to make.  It was a great opportunity to play with simple shape filled with a more carefully drawn pattern.

I’ve also been using gift giving as an opportunity to play with watercolour and ideas.  I made some cards for co workers, finally giving myself a good reason to use rainbow washes in lettering.  I also made my dad’s father’s day gift out of a frame I found at the Sally Anne’s, which turned out to be the perfect fit for some water colour post cards.