LAST illustration! I think.

So I’ve started working on the very last illustration for my ‘worries’ project (title is temporary). The task of sending this out into the world is super daunting . . . So if anyone has any tips, advice, connections, etc. please give me a shout.
I have managed to write an accompanying story as well, which feels like a step in the right direction (although as I trawl the internet and find out more about the world of childrens publishing, maybe not so much?  I don’t know).  Am searching for ideas for the title, and the perfect name for the main character.  So far I like Violet and Zoe.
I’m back at work now, and so thankful I had time over the summer to be anti social and hunker down and get things done. I have a feeling the next few steps of this project will happen in slow motion. Oy.

Davie Days

On September 10th I took part in Davie Days, an event that featured art, artisans, activities for kids, music, and all sorts of fun stuff.  Hosted by the West End B.I.A., it was my first opportunity not only to see the printed books for ‘Lucy’s Tree,’ but to sell them to interested individuals (some family members included).  A fun day with great weather, it was a nice way to say good bye to summer and to welcome what will hopefully be a crisp and beautiful fall. 

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