Violet’s Cloudy Day

‘Violet’s Cloudy Day,’ the children’s book I have been working on writing and illustrating for ages, has finally been published by Promontory Press! It is in print and I am incredibly happy.  I have even had the opportunity to read it to classes and to visit an after school care program where we did some fun art.  We made leaves that contained ‘helpful thoughts.’ At the moment you can order the book at Promontory Press, on Amazon or through Chapters/ Indigo.  An e-book is also available.

Print Ready zine show

It was cool to have my zine ‘All Together Now’ in the Print Ready: Art Waste show this past weekend at the Dynamo Arts Association.  This show was part of Music Waste, a really great music festival in Vancouver.  So many cool zines including Adrienne Labelle’s debut with ‘It’s 420 somewhere’.