Eastside Culture Crawl and Anonymous show, oh my

The past weekend until now has been busting full of artistic inspiration, partially provided by my cute, artsy parents.  I just got back from seeing some of their artwork in the  ‘anonymous show’ in North Van.  This show is a cool idea for a fundraiser (for the North Vancouver Arts Council maybe?) where people submit canvases that are all the same size (8 in x 8 in I think, some small size) and the selected works are all displayed anonymously and sold for $100, with half of the money going to the Arts Council.   Spoiler alert: I am going to show which pieces were made by my parents, because I’m proud of them and actually like the pieces.  I also took some photos of some other favourites.

Eastside Culture Crawl- hopefully anyone in Vancouver knows what this is.  Artists in Vancouver’s eastside, mostly East of Clark Drive, North of 1st, open their studios to the public and allow everyone to wander around and ogle their work.  It’s awesome.

Etsy shop yo!

I did it! I broke down and started an Etsy shop.  On it I’m going to sell some drawings, paintings and ‘Lucy’s Tree’ books.  It might turn out to be counter productive money wise since now that I’ve started looking around the site I just want to buy everything, but we shall see.

Link to shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/rozmaclean

O, and by the way, if there’s anything on this site that you see and want to buy but isn’t on the shop yet, lemme know and I’ll sort it out.

Recent ness

So, not too much new stuff has been up in my world, but it feels good to be finished a big project, which has a title now- “Violet and her Worries.”  I am trying to figure out the best way to get the story published. . . but in the mean time it’s freeing to not have to work within the guidelines of a project.

I am realizing that I really like water colours, especially with line drawings over top.  I am messing around with shapes and colours and lines, and it feels nice not to want things to look a certain way.  Although, things are feeling super wide open, in that I have no specific ideas about what I want to work on next.  I’m hoping it will become clear as I make messes.

Pikaland.com has offered lots of inspiration.  I’ve been admiring artwork that’s graphic with nice bold shapes and clean lines, like Alan Brown’s work: