Fiction Project digitized online!

A couple of months ago I took part in the NYC Art House Co-Op‘s the ‘Fiction Project.’  They took all of the filled up journals, from artists and writers everywhere, across the US.  Now the journals are in the Co Op’s physical and digital libraries.  Here’s the link to mine:

Mole Hill Art and Heritage Walking Tour

Today was the Mole Hill art walk/ 125th anniversary of Vancouver celebration. There were lots of artists showing work, musicians, and even a cowboy on stilts, who I now regret not taking a picture of. It was lots of fun with a great turnout, and for the most part bearable in the shade.

I showed the artwork from Lucy’s Tree, with a demo book that people could pre order, or sign up to be notified of when it’s published. With the exception of some frames breaking when they were blown over in the wind, things went pretty smoothly (I fixed the problems with some heavy garden rocks in front of the frames).

I like events like these because you get feedback and opinions from people who are just walking around, which is pretty different from when you invite all your family and friends to see your work in an enclosed space. I just wish I’d gotten to walk around and see more of the other artists. . . The other artists in my little yard were Michele Trask and Kate Moore. Both ladies were showing some pretty cool images, and I think we all worked on some painting and drawing throughout the day. Ashley Sommerville is a singer/ songwriter who shared the space with us, and kept us all in a good mood with her upbeat tunes.

By the way, thanks to everyone who lives in the Mole Hill Housing Society for literally opening up your back yards to this event. The residents were amazingly friendly and even volunteered to lug heavy tables around and do the thankless set up and clean up. Thanks guys!

Summer painting

So with the summer off, I resolved to finish painting in the illustrations from this story.  This project feels like it’s been going on forever, and I am ready to finish it and send it away from me where it will magically be published by a group of wonderful people who feel like paying me for an unsolicited semi autobiographical comic-y children’s story about anxiety.  Or I at least am ready to start officially writing it.

As it turns out finishing the painting might have been overly ambitious, as there are always distractions in life (like sunny days or trying to not be the lamest friend always), and it turns out I don’t have the longest attention span and seek distractions after about 4 hours of painting.  I also don’t know what is a normal amount of time to spend painting something like this, but it seems to be quite the slow process.  I want to say I’m a perfectionist, but there are just a lot of little details that take a really really long time to do.  And it takes me a long time to pick any colours that aren’t blue.Anyways, when I put everything together in a pile of finished paintings, I feel much better about things.  So that is what I am going to do.  I will try to keep them in order.  Also, I just got an iphone and am very excited about it, so the image quality may decrease and feature retro filters and scratchy framing effects.

Mole Hill Community Banner

On July 23rd my mom, Jan MacLean, and I helped out at the Mole Hill Heritage Society in Vancouver’s West End.  Mole Hill is a housing community composed of heritage buildings, and all members of the community were invited to come and take part in the banner painting. The theme of the banner was “what community means to me,” and will be displayed in a public space within the housing society.
This day was beautiful but hot, and there was a great turn out from the neighbourhood, with artists of all ages in attendance. There were great attitudes, lots of painting, experimental print making (with leaves!), and pizza. All in all, it was a great success and lots of fun.