I am sometimes available to create commission pieces. I have created many pet portraits with watercolour, but also dabble in humans and ball-point pen. If you are interested in a commission please be in touch! Check out the FAQs and the form on this page. You can also email me at rozmaclean @

General prices for Pet Portraits – watercolour with pattern background:

6 x 8 in – $250

9 x 12 in – $ 375

11 x 15 in – $450

FAQ’s for other details below.

If you have other ideas, be in touch and I will come up with a custom quote. To create a portrait I need high quality photos of your pet in the desired pose.

If you are interested in prints of my artwork, check out my shop.


Do you only do pets?

Nope, I do other subjects as well, but since I started with pets those portraits seem to be the most popular. If you have another idea let me know!

How do I commission you to create a piece?

Filling out the form above is a great first step. If we speak on other channels, please be specific with the size and subjects you are looking for and any important timelines I need to know about. Also, please send photos as soon as you are able of your pets, so I can get started.

What if I want to include more than one animal?

This is definitely doable, but I would recommend a larger size like 11 in x 15 in. Also keep in mind this will effect the price as the degree of complexity and time needed increases. If you send me a photo of both of the animals you would like painted, and let me know the size you are looking for, I can give you a quote.

What kinds of photos should I give you for a portrait?

High quality (enough light, close up, not blurry) photos in the pose that you actually want your pet to be in the finished portrait are important for a good likeness. It’s better to send too many photos, and then I can choose from them. If you only have poorer quality photos I may be able to pull from stock imagery of similar animals, but keep in mind this will add to the time and complexity of the work, so will increase the price a bit.

What materials do you use?

I mostly use watercolour, but there is also a bit of pencil crayon, acrylic, and ink that will likely end up in the final mix. For paper I use 300 g cold pressed watercolour paper.

What’s up with the backgrounds?

I am inspired by the loving, nurturing connection between human and animal and think it’s a really special category of care that brings out the sweetest part of people. In a way, I try to paint this energy in colourful patterns, combined with the personality of the subject and any colours that remind you of them.

How do you come up with your pricing? Do you accept trades?

My prices reflect the cost of materials and the time needed for consultation and completion of the work. While I try to keep pricing accessible, I have to balance this with cost of living.

In most cases a trade won’t work for me (which is a reflection of how much time I have, not your offering) but if it is something I really need then maybe? You can always ask, but please address this with your initial request.

How does payment work?

Usually payment of half of total price is due before I start, and the second half upon completion of the work. Payment can also be in thirds if that is a more accessible option for you.

E-transfer is best, but I also accept cheque, credit card (Square), and PayPal. For Square and PayPal there will be a small transaction fee.

What if I live outside of Canada?

No problemo. Prices are in Canadian currency, and there may be a small fee for the cost of the transaction using PayPal or another method, as well as for shipping.

How long will it take?

The timeline of a project depends on variables like the scope of the project (size, complexity), my availability / schedule, and how quickly you get reference materials to me and are available to chat about the piece. For all of these reasons turnaround can vary, so it’s better to get in touch sooner rather than later. Generally, expect a couple of weeks to a month, though things might go more quickly.

If you need a quick turnaround (in a few days) this might be doable but a rush fee will be added.

How realistic will the artwork be?

I aim for a likeness of the subject, and want it to immediately read as them, but I do embrace some painterliness and sketchiness – meaning it will look like it was created by a human artist and not a camera or computer. It will not be photorealistic, meaning not every hair or glint of light will be in the exact same place. Looking at my other pieces will give you a good idea of what to expect.

How much input will I have?

I am definitely open to input for things like composition, but keep in mind that I will be using the photos you provide as reference and won’t be able to make up new poses. Especially for the background, I will be asking questions about your pet, favourite colours, etc. Most people are happy to see the final background pattern as a surprise, but if you would like a mock up of the finished work beforehand, we can talk about adding that as an element to your commission.

What if I don’t like it? Do you do refunds?

So far, everyone who has commissioned a work has been happy with what they’ve received, and I hope this will continue. Additionally, I send a photo of the finished piece before I give it to you, and this is a good moment to provide feedback if you don’t like something. If you end up unhappy with your piece (keeping in mind that I aim to provide a likeness and not photorealistism) then we will find a solution, either with a refund (after return of work) or re creating the artwork.

Will you share the artwork anywhere?

I share finished portraits to Instagram and on my website, and may use your piece in future promotion. If you would not like this for your piece, please let me know.

How can I use the artwork?

Commissioned artwork is only usable for personal, private use (displayed in your home, or shared on your personal social media, for example). I also ask that if you share on social media you credit me as a courtesy. If you are interested in commercial use (for a logo, on a business website or poster, for example) let me know and we can see if there is a rights use agreement that will work for both of us. Additionally, commissioned artwork is not permitted to be duplicated (prints, cards, etc.) or sold.