Author Visits

I am available for author and artist visits in libraries, schools and childcare centres.

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The Body Book (toddler/preschool to grade two) – Reading The Body Book is a great way to begin discussing our bodies.  What are the different mobility devices people use to get around? Is there one right or wrong size or shape to be? Of course not! When we talk about bodies directly, we can help kids learn to reject ideas of body shaming and create a culture of kindness and acceptance towards their own and others’ bodies.

Age appropriate art activities using materials and artistic elements present in The Body Book will help kids connect with the message of body acceptance on another level.  We will explore concepts such as:

  • what can my body do?
  • how does it feel to be in my body?
  • what do I love about my body?

We’ll also watch a music video so we can boogie while we celebrate our bodies! Check it out here:


violetcoverfrontfinished    1-2    7    violet 15 just picture 

Violet’s Cloudy Day (grades two to four)- Violet’s having a tough day.  She’s super worried about her first day at a new school, and her worries are turning into worry clouds! The clouds make her feel small, fearful and lonely, just like how anxiety can feel in real life. Violet learns to take on her worries with more “helpful thoughts” that will become her guiding voice of self-compassion, optimism and faith in her own resilience.

We will discuss what the symbols in Violet’s Cloudy Day mean, and what “worry clouds” children might feel in their own life.  Older children can create a mini book where they learn the helpful skill of journaling their thoughts and feelings, and brainstorming helpful solutions and self-compassionate self-talk.

Younger kids can make their own “helpful thought” leaves to decorate a classroom tree.

Contact me at to arrange a visit!

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