fiction project- full version

It took an embarrassingly long time to figure out, but I finally got the images from my ‘fiction project’ off of the Brooklyn Art House Co-Op site to put into a gallery here.

p.s.- if you want to see the pictures full size, right click and pick ‘view image’

alphabet soup

I’m always happy when I get to use my creative energy on a project with someone I know and like, which was the case for this super cute alphabet work book a teacher friend asked for some help on.  I did the pictures, while Danita put together the text and layout.  I’m really happy with how it turned out!

It’s available for download, now or super soon,  at

get well cards and gm free coffee shops

So coming soon  ‘Mobius,’ a new coffee shop, will be opening its doors at 25th and Main.  If you’re walking by before then, however, you might be able to duck in for a sneak peek.  The cool thing about Mobius is that they’re doing everything free of genetically modified products, from their baked goods, soups, coffee and sugars, right down to their coffee cups and lids (which apparently can traditionally contain genetically modified corn.  I did not know that).  I’m  the lucky girl who will display her art on Mobius’ walls.  Last time I was there they had a cozy set up with a brick fire place, some antique-y  furniture, comfy chairs, and some serious wall space for art, which works out well for me.

Also, I’ve included a picture of a get well card for someone who is going for ankle surgery.  Partially inspired by upcoming Valentine’s Day.