Teachers Pay Teachers- worksheets

Hey, you know what’s a cool idea?  Teachers designing worksheets and resources they see a need for in schools, posting them on a site to be downloaded and used by other teachers, then paying eachother for it, instead of a big corporation.  Yup, cool.  I learned about this through a teacher friend who asked me make some simple illustrations for her work booklets to help young ones learn to read.  The target age is pre-k to grade 1/2.  A couple of the booklets are free, and can be viewed and downloaded here:

teacherspayteachers  – store name: Reading, Writing, Reproducible

Lucy’s Tree at Blackberry Books

As of yesterday, indie book store Blackberry Books on Granville Island will be carrying Lucy’s Tree!  Remember and love this book store from my childhood, and more recently when I bought Shaun Tan’s ‘The Arrival’ there.  So many good books here, plus cool book art which I now wish I took pictures of.