Upcoming books!!

I have two new books that will be coming out in the Fall and I’m very excited!!

One, entitled “Mommy’s 26 Careers,” was written by Keegan Connor Tracy and is being published by Whitecap Books.  It’s an alphabet book about a mom who does it all- or at least does one occupation for every letter of the alphabet.

A is for actress – “Mommy’s 26 Careers”


The second book is “The Body Book,” and it’s all about how every body is great! This one I wrote and illustrated, and it explores the idea of celebrating bodies that are diverse in shape and ability. It will be published by Promontory Press.



asl alphabet

Lately I’ve been working on drawing the asl alphabet hand shapes.  I’m thinking a lot about communication and the importance of giving time and attention to those who communicate differently.  These are not the best quality images, so when I’m finished the project I’ll scan them in properly.