“AutoheartVan: Endlings” Cover Art

An album cover with the text: AutoHeartVan (artist), Endlings (album title). Painted artwork depicting a tundra rendered in blues, purples, and greys, with a snow covered mountain range in the distance. The sky, which fills up the top half of the image, is black with a fading blue and yellow light emanating from the right side. On the ground there are human and fox footprints, the human prints walking towards us, the fox prints walking away. On the sky there are faded scientific looking drawings in grey of an Arctic fox's face, skull from top, bottom and in profile, jawbone, leg bones, vertebrate and other bones. ⁠

Congratulations to AutoHeartVan on the release of his gorgeous album! With songs in English, French and Portuguese, the album contemplates themes of extinction, referenced by the title, “Endlings” (which means “the last survivor of its species”).⁠

This theme was the inspiration for the cover art I created, a blend of traditional and digital media. If you know of the mythological “Curapira,” * the human and animal steps going in opposite directions will make sense. I included drawings of the Arctic fox, an animal with subpopulations endangered by climate change, as well as its fossils. In a neat twist, the drawings ended up being used to represent different language portions of the album.

I highly encourage you to check out this album at Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or wherever you get your tunes. It really is gorgeous, and created by a very sweet visionary human.⁠

* The Curapira is a mythological creature from Brazilian folklore who bright red/orange hair, and resembled a man or a dwarf, but its feet are turned backwards. Living in the forests of Brazil, they used their backward feet to create footprints to confuse hunters. A Curapira would prey on hunters or poachers who take more than they need of the forest.⁠

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