Violet’s Cloudy Day

On her first day at a new school, Violet’s worries become ‘worry clouds’ that follow her around and soon get out of control.  As Violet learns to manage these clouds with strategies like positive visualisation and compassionate self-talk, readers will gain insight into how they can handle their own “worry clouds.”

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“Violet’s Cloudy Day is a wonderfully simple story that can help children not only become aware of how their negative thoughts can cloud their judgment and their life, but it also teaches simple strategies children can use to become more hopeful. Violet’s triumph in the end demonstrates to all of us how our thoughts can fuel enabling behaviors that can enhance psychological well-being.  Violet and Her Worries is a practical tool all teachers and parents can use to build resilience in young children.”

-Louisa Jewell, MAPP
President, Canadian Positive Psychology Association

“It is a practical, intelligently written and beautifully illustrated story that has the potential for making a difference in kid’s lives.”

-Merv Gilbert, PhD, RPsych
Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University
Consulting Psychologist, BC Children’s Hospital

“It is a beautiful and uplifting children’s book, compellingly illustrated.  Story-telling and children’s books are wonderful ways to help kids understand and express their feelings. I think this book will surely do that. Positive self-talk and self-affirmation are good tools for kids. The best part for me was the depiction of the huge clouds over Violet, and how those worry clouds can prevent us from enjoying what is in front of us. Of course, these are the same clouds that people with depression experience.  This story is giving young children the ability to recognize that these clouds exist, are a normal part of life, and that there are tools to help overcome them. I think it’s GREAT!
The audience for this book should be quite diverse. It’s a good fit for families who should be teaching kids about emotions at a young age and how we have the capacity to turn the negative into positive. It’s also a great book for kids going to a new school or moving to a new city. And yes, I think it is also a book that could be used by counselors & teachers.”

-Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D.
Fellow, Institute for Social Innovation
Fielding Graduate University

3 thoughts on “Violet’s Cloudy Day

  1. Hi Roz,
    We love your work! You are so talented and a visionary, and we would love to come to some of your shows and acquire some of your art work.
    Much love,
    Gloria and Craig

  2. i love your paintings! there is so much feeling expressed in the illustrations, which will undoubtedly communicate on a non-verbal level. i have so much appreciation for your topic and the solution the story presents. my grown-up daughter, as a child, suffered crippling anxiety. kids need to know that it’s not a shameful matter to feel anxiety, and to know that there are methods of calming their worries which are within their ability to use. i think this book will really empower it’s worried readers and give non-worriers some awareness and understanding for their worried friends!

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