A couple more

So I’ve gone on a little hiatus after going back to work, but have finally gotten on the ball and started scanning again.  These pieces are from my summer project, which is untitled right now, but has something to do with the dualities inside of us.  More to come soon.

Inside Opposite

This is a set of illustrations I’ve been working on over the summer (with watercolors and a Micron 005 pen), though I’m not quite finished yet.  The focus of these drawings/ paintings is on the capacity we all have to contain multiple, often contradictory and opposing selves.  I think that these lights and shadows within us compete and relate to one another to compose who we are.  Partly, I’ve been inspired by Jung’s ideas about archetypes, and the idea that we all have in common certain symbols, fears and desires.

Summer Project- opposites

Here is another pair of pieces thinking about our opposites.  This set touches on the idea of alone-ness vs. being part of a shared collective history.

through a scanner darkly

I just got a new scanner, which only cost me $30 on craigslist, but I’m super excited because it actually seems to be scanning the lighter parts of watercolour pieces that were getting blown out before. Here are the first two pieces I’ve scanned in so far (the first is for a project I’ve been working on over the summer, the second is for an upcoming issue of the Capilano Courier):

happy birthday Tom!

A friend of mine is having a birthday show at Little Mountain Gallery, and I had lots of fun making a poster for the event.  I even got to use my stamps.  It’s going to be so much fun, and it’s a fundraiser too!

alphabet soup

I’m always happy when I get to use my creative energy on a project with someone I know and like, which was the case for this super cute alphabet work book a teacher friend asked for some help on.  I did the pictures, while Danita put together the text and layout.  I’m really happy with how it turned out!

It’s available for download, now or super soon,  at www.teacherspayteachers.com

watercolour christmas

It’s nice to mess around with watercolour, especially when the goal is to make something fun for someone you like alot or love. I’ve been using Christmas time as an excuse to make some whimsical pictures I might not otherwise create- since I don’t usually have an excuse. Maybe I’ll be inspired to make not so serious images more often.

Recent ness

So, not too much new stuff has been up in my world, but it feels good to be finished a big project, which has a title now- “Violet and her Worries.”  I am trying to figure out the best way to get the story published. . . but in the mean time it’s freeing to not have to work within the guidelines of a project.

I am realizing that I really like water colours, especially with line drawings over top.  I am messing around with shapes and colours and lines, and it feels nice not to want things to look a certain way.  Although, things are feeling super wide open, in that I have no specific ideas about what I want to work on next.  I’m hoping it will become clear as I make messes.

Pikaland.com has offered lots of inspiration.  I’ve been admiring artwork that’s graphic with nice bold shapes and clean lines, like Alan Brown’s work:


LAST illustration! I think.

So I’ve started working on the very last illustration for my ‘worries’ project (title is temporary). The task of sending this out into the world is super daunting . . . So if anyone has any tips, advice, connections, etc. please give me a shout.
I have managed to write an accompanying story as well, which feels like a step in the right direction (although as I trawl the internet and find out more about the world of childrens publishing, maybe not so much?  I don’t know).  Am searching for ideas for the title, and the perfect name for the main character.  So far I like Violet and Zoe.
I’m back at work now, and so thankful I had time over the summer to be anti social and hunker down and get things done. I have a feeling the next few steps of this project will happen in slow motion. Oy.