Finished the fiction project!/ Art Krall fun/ happy mother’s day

For the West End Art Krall, put on by the West End BIA, my station was in ‘Denman Place,’ a retro 70’s mall, which I have now heard from numerous people who have fond teenage mall wandering memories, was Vancouver’s very first one (maybe downtown?  anyone correct me).  There was a surprising amount of foot traffic, for me at least, and lots of people either slowed their pace to gander nonchalantly, or engaged in conversation and asked questions about the book and it’s someday publication.  I also got a little bit of spillover from the tapestry artist who was stationed beside me, Ruth Jones.  Her work was amazing, and I admired her poise in conversing non-stop with impressed passer by’s.

My goal for taking part in the Art Krall was to share the art and story of ‘Lucy’s Tree’ with people outside of my inner circle, which ended up being pretty rewarding.  I’m the kind of person who is really uplifted by positive feedback, so even a little goes a long way.  It was really cool to meet people who loved the artwork, and even cooler when these were kids who wanted to own the book (which is not published yet, but fingers crossed, will be someday soon).

Happily, the act of sitting in a mall and being too socially awkward to engage well with strangers ended up giving me time to finish the fiction project, which consisted of some pretty tedious  drawing that I would have become distracted from at home.  So it all worked out in the end.  I was going to scan in the fiction project, but then was too tired and said bah!  It will be ‘digitized’ by the art house co op anyways.  Also, I am hoping that I wrote the address on the envelope correctly. . . Kind of agonizing about that now.  Did I put the country or the zip code as the last thing?  What was the right thing to do anyways?  Oh dear. . .

Am probably going to take an ‘art break’ at least for a couple of days.  Try to get some energy back.  Amazing how not sleeping in until noon on the weekend has resulted in my being exhausted at work.  I always suspected I needed an unnatural amount of sleep, and now it’s confirmed.

Also, thanks to Julian for helping me lug all the artwork out there, and to my family (and especially my mom, seeing as take down was on mother’s day) for helping me lug everything back home on the day they returned from Ontario.

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