Mole Hill Art and Heritage Walking Tour

Today was the Mole Hill art walk/ 125th anniversary of Vancouver celebration. There were lots of artists showing work, musicians, and even a cowboy on stilts, who I now regret not taking a picture of. It was lots of fun with a great turnout, and for the most part bearable in the shade.

I showed the artwork from Lucy’s Tree, with a demo book that people could pre order, or sign up to be notified of when it’s published. With the exception of some frames breaking when they were blown over in the wind, things went pretty smoothly (I fixed the problems with some heavy garden rocks in front of the frames).

I like events like these because you get feedback and opinions from people who are just walking around, which is pretty different from when you invite all your family and friends to see your work in an enclosed space. I just wish I’d gotten to walk around and see more of the other artists. . . The other artists in my little yard were Michele Trask and Kate Moore. Both ladies were showing some pretty cool images, and I think we all worked on some painting and drawing throughout the day. Ashley Sommerville is a singer/ songwriter who shared the space with us, and kept us all in a good mood with her upbeat tunes.

By the way, thanks to everyone who lives in the Mole Hill Housing Society for literally opening up your back yards to this event. The residents were amazingly friendly and even volunteered to lug heavy tables around and do the thankless set up and clean up. Thanks guys!

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