LAST illustration! I think.

So I’ve started working on the very last illustration for my ‘worries’ project (title is temporary). The task of sending this out into the world is super daunting . . . So if anyone has any tips, advice, connections, etc. please give me a shout.
I have managed to write an accompanying story as well, which feels like a step in the right direction (although as I trawl the internet and find out more about the world of childrens publishing, maybe not so much?  I don’t know).  Am searching for ideas for the title, and the perfect name for the main character.  So far I like Violet and Zoe.
I’m back at work now, and so thankful I had time over the summer to be anti social and hunker down and get things done. I have a feeling the next few steps of this project will happen in slow motion. Oy.

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