Dog portrait of Betty

This portrait was created for a Christmas present, which is always a special commission. In this case, Betty had passed away recently so it was extra meaningful.

It feels so intimate to provide someone with a reminder of their relationship with their animal companion when that pet is no longer with them.  It’s so deep and sad when this relationship ends. It’s a special, pure type of connection whose weight I think is often overlooked.

I used India ink to paint Betty with some white gouache for accents, and for the background used watercolour and white pen.



amy dog 3

new poster and art as gifts

I have just finished the poster for J’s tour kick off, which features a colour monster and some watery word balloons.  Under a serious time crunch I probably borrowed a little more inspiration than I would have liked from other show posters that I’ve seen- it feels vaguely familiar- but it was fun to make.  It was a great opportunity to play with simple shape filled with a more carefully drawn pattern.

I’ve also been using gift giving as an opportunity to play with watercolour and ideas.  I made some cards for co workers, finally giving myself a good reason to use rainbow washes in lettering.  I also made my dad’s father’s day gift out of a frame I found at the Sally Anne’s, which turned out to be the perfect fit for some water colour post cards.

fiction project- full version

It took an embarrassingly long time to figure out, but I finally got the images from my ‘fiction project’ off of the Brooklyn Art House Co-Op site to put into a gallery here.

p.s.- if you want to see the pictures full size, right click and pick ‘view image’

get well cards and gm free coffee shops

So coming soon  ‘Mobius,’ a new coffee shop, will be opening its doors at 25th and Main.  If you’re walking by before then, however, you might be able to duck in for a sneak peek.  The cool thing about Mobius is that they’re doing everything free of genetically modified products, from their baked goods, soups, coffee and sugars, right down to their coffee cups and lids (which apparently can traditionally contain genetically modified corn.  I did not know that).  I’m  the lucky girl who will display her art on Mobius’ walls.  Last time I was there they had a cozy set up with a brick fire place, some antique-y  furniture, comfy chairs, and some serious wall space for art, which works out well for me.

Also, I’ve included a picture of a get well card for someone who is going for ankle surgery.  Partially inspired by upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Winter time painting

So here are some recent paintings- some for Christmas presents, others resulting from my newfound fox fascination.  Not quite sure why foxes seem to be the first things that show up on a page- must be something to do with that awesome orange.  A new-ish colour for me.  Usually I just stick to blue.