Feminism and Self Care

These pieces are a response to a call for submissions on how one practices and negotiates self care as a feminist in a culture where ‘self care’ is often marketed as a gendered and consumerist endeavor.  I included artwork of kick ass female characters from some of my favourite TV shows to binge watch, and a motto from an arts collective and friend group I am part of.

Strong Female Lead- The Killing, Homeland and The Fall are all shows that I have become completely addicted to and watched way too much of in one sitting.

Fuck The Fuckers- this motto is all about knowing you’re right and not putting up with disrespect or poor treatment.  It’s also about not worrying about being perceived as nice.

One thought on “Feminism and Self Care

  1. Love it! – my inner motto (cuz I’m still too “nice” to say it out loud) is “nice gets you shit”

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