happy birthday Tom!

A friend of mine is having a birthday show at Little Mountain Gallery, and I had lots of fun making a poster for the event.  I even got to use my stamps.  It’s going to be so much fun, and it’s a fundraiser too!

fiction project- full version

It took an embarrassingly long time to figure out, but I finally got the images from my ‘fiction project’ off of the Brooklyn Art House Co-Op site to put into a gallery here.

p.s.- if you want to see the pictures full size, right click and pick ‘view image’

Winter time painting

So here are some recent paintings- some for Christmas presents, others resulting from my newfound fox fascination.  Not quite sure why foxes seem to be the first things that show up on a page- must be something to do with that awesome orange.  A new-ish colour for me.  Usually I just stick to blue.

Recent ness

So, not too much new stuff has been up in my world, but it feels good to be finished a big project, which has a title now- “Violet and her Worries.”  I am trying to figure out the best way to get the story published. . . but in the mean time it’s freeing to not have to work within the guidelines of a project.

I am realizing that I really like water colours, especially with line drawings over top.  I am messing around with shapes and colours and lines, and it feels nice not to want things to look a certain way.  Although, things are feeling super wide open, in that I have no specific ideas about what I want to work on next.  I’m hoping it will become clear as I make messes.

Pikaland.com has offered lots of inspiration.  I’ve been admiring artwork that’s graphic with nice bold shapes and clean lines, like Alan Brown’s work:


beautiful art site

These are a couple of inspiring pages I’ve stumbled across. Soo amazing to see what everyone’s imaginations are filled with, and I love how artists seem to give in to their style so completely. I especially like Rui Ribeiro’s beautiful drawings.

Rui Ribeiro’s art at: http://www.cofseeing.com/

Fiction Project

So, I have undertaken something called the Fiction Project, which is part of the Brooklyn based Art House Co-op.  The idea is that artists and writers from all over the world get a moleskin journal in the mail, fill it out with story and art, then send it back in.  The Co-op then travels across the US to show the collection, ultimately and finally logging the books within their library. Every author/ artist is given a theme to work with.  You can choose or have yours randomly selected- I did that and got ‘ a day in the life.’  Of course once I got the theme I wished that I’d picked one from the list.  But eventually, I came up with an idea of something to write about.  It has to do with birds and migration, and generally knowing what to do with your life.

I think I liked the idea of sending something into the world immediately, without it having to filter through barriers of publication, acceptance or rejection, and so on.  I like the idea of people reading through my book, and it living forever in a library somewhere. Getting my art out of my own living room has been a growing theme in my life lately.

That being said, The Fiction Project almost feels as if it’s going to disappear into thin air once I send it out- never to be seen again by me (although it will be digitized online), and with the possibility that no one will have any strong feelings about it. . .  So on that hand it’s kind of hard to get motivated and get to work.  But . . . I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I also don’t want to do something half assed, because then you are not only putting time into something, but sending something into the world that is not a true representation of what you can do.  ARGGG.  This kind of mental ping pong is kind of what the story in the book is about, incidentally.

Anyways, I’m going to put up some pictures.

Thanks Firehall! and Hunter Bisset Gallery!

Thanks to the Firehall Arts Centre for hosting my artwork through January and February. And to the Hunter Bisset Gallery at Tinseltown for showing some of my drawings. They were part of the ‘Doodle!’ fundraiser for Atira Women’s Centre’s “Empowering Women Making Art” initiative, and will remain up for a little while longer.


illustration numero uno

this is an illustration for a story i'm working on.

so. . . i am uploading an image from a story that i’m working on.  the story is about a young girl who is dealing with worries that take the form of clouds and weigh her down.  this illustration is from later on in the story.  the focus on the camera isn’t so good, so i might wait until i get my hands on a different one to take some better pictures before i upload the others.