FREE art lesson for The Body Book

I have FINALLY put together a resource to go along with ‘The Body Book,” after meaning to for a looong time. I’ve done this art lesson in classes and day cares and it is such a fun and meaningful way to help kids rethink their relationships with their bodies.

Even in kindergarten and early primary grades kids are learning to judge their bodies by how they look, and whether they “fit” the ideal image they see in media, toys and adult role models. Sadly, it’s not rare to hear a girl in grade one call herself “fat.”

I wanted to shift the focus to one of celebration and gratitude, so this activity is all about answering the question: “What is my favourite thing to do in my body?”

The results kids come up with are diverse, vibrant and fun. When these go up on the wall the classroom turns into a place where EVERY BODY is celebrated for who they are.

Here’s a link to the lesson plan  PDF. 

Thanks to the West End B.I.A.

I wanted to say thank you to the West End Business Improvement Assocation, and especially to Lyn Hellyar, Executive Director, for awarding me with the President’s Choice Award for 2011.  The exciting thing about this award, which is a result of my participation in the West End Art Krall, is that it means the story I illustrated and showed as part of the Krall, ‘Lucy’s Tree,’ will be published and distributed by the West End B.I.A.  Awesome and ambitious Lyn has spear headed this project, and thanks to her we hope to see ‘Lucy’s Tree’ published by the end of August.  Thank you so much for this award- I could not have asked for better fortune.  Helen Davidson, the author of Lucy’s Tree, and I are both so excited to see this book become real.  So so grateful,